Biased review from a Chromebook owner


I got lucky for once in my life and got a surprising email from Google explaining I won a Chromebook as being part of the Google Engage program for my web agency, Sparko. I received it last week and I’ve been very happy with it. What I got is Samsung Chromebook Series 5.

Google defines it as a laptop for heavy users of the web. I am one and also a heavy Google services user: Google Apps, Docs, Android, etc. It’s extremely fast to start and to get online, its main purpose. It also makes me realize that what I spend 99% of my time on a computer being online so I rarely need something else than that, a light, fast, sleek well-made netbook.

The Chromebook is however not made (yet I hope) for all situations. There doesn’t seem to be any good web-based ftp for Chrome OS nor a Skype web application or Chrome webstore app. These are little frustration along with trying to go on Picasa, one of Google’s property and seing it doesn’t support my (their) OS.

Still, Chromebook is slowing replacing my iPad which I now seriously consider selling (used ones are worth so much…). For around $400, I’d say it’s a good purchase but cannot be you’re only computer.

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