Twitter and Facebook : Victims of the World’s Political Instability

Cyxymu's Twitter profileYesterday morning, Facebook reported  “network issues related to an apparent distributed denial-of-service attack”. Twitter was attacked more seriously being down for several hours. Youtube, Blogger and were also affected on the same day.

From Russia?

The attack was apparently launched from the Abkhazia region, the region subject to disputes between Russia and Georgia for the past years. According to the Telegraph, a pro-Georgian blogger named Cyxymu was attacked by Russians.

Social medias are down

The DDoS attack led to massive media coverage but also to many facebookers and twitterers stuck to not knowing what to do with themselves for a never-ending several hours. Does that mean Russians want companies to being more productive on a given Thursday morning? I doubt it.

Global political perspective

Cloud computing is being questioned as a result and companies which rely on social networks will again, reconsider their choices. If the lesson to learn is not that Russians want us more productive, it certainly can be that global political instability does impact more people as the world gets more interconnected. It does not sound right to say that the Georgian conflict has brought down some of the most popular and used communication platforms in the world.

Cloud Computing and Entrepreneurship

I haven’t been involved in the online business for a long time but I feel that of all industries, this one allows any player to get in it fast and as an entrepreneur, I really like that.

At Sparko, we use Freshbooks to manage our accounts. I don’t see when this software will become obsolete for us. I was in the lumber trading business before and we used a proprietary and customized system. Operating from a remote desktop was a revolution for the company for which I was working. Freshbooks is simply genius. It allows to reduce our backoffice to managing exceptions. It eliminates repetitive tasks and sends emails to customers automatically.

The beauty behind Freshbooks is the fee structure. As a small business, I can’t afford a customized system. Freshbooks is a monthly cost. It allows for my accounting to reflect reality. Every month, when I use a given service, I pay for it. Period. Not large risky investment in a technology tool developed by a shaddy firm that will probably never live for the next 3 years.

My next step is the one I should have done first: look into and implement it before my customer becomes too large and unmanageable.

Cloud Computing - Online Billing System

Cloud Computing - Online Billing System